CoronaTrace — Contact-tracing Platform

The Background Geolocation SDK for Flutter, React Native, Cordova/Ionic/Capacitor was originally designed for a disaster-response application, tracking first-responders in hurricanes and earthquakes where life depended upon it. It was designed to track devices no matter what, regardless if user terminates the app or reboots the device. It is ideally suited to virus contact-tracing applications.

There are currently thousands of developers all over the world making their own flavour of “Corona Virus”-related app — Unless you’re associated with a government or health organization, your app will be rejected by both Apple and Google.

However, there is a project called Corona Trace who is working with health and government organizations all over the world. They’ve currently got a growing list of over 200 volunteers (including us here at Transistor Software), with field-experts from some big name companies and both the server and mobile client code are open-source.

Rather than independently re-inventing the same app thousands of times, why not consider donating your team’s experience to Corona Trace?



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