Huawei HMS Support for the Background Geolocation SDK

Transistor Software
2 min readApr 2, 2023

In 2019, Google suspended support for its Google Play Services API from Huawei Inc. Since the Background Geolocation SDK relies upon Google Play Services APIs, this action prevented the SDK from operating on newer Huawei Devices.

Today, with new tooling finally available from Huawei, Transistor Software’s Background Geolocation SDK now includes support for Huawei HMS on those devices which do not include Google Play Services.

The new Huawei HMS support is available in the following versions of the Background Geolocation SDK:

The new HMS support is now available for purchase, starting at $99 for one app with no yearly fee. Once purchased, the Huawei HMS license key will continue to unlock the plugin for that app forever.

These Huawei HMS license keys will work for any version of the plugin you use (React Native, Flutter, Cordova and Capacitor) — they are not bound to any particular framework. For example, if you’re currently building your app for Cordova then later migrate to React Native, your Huawei HMS license key will continue to work — you do not need to purchase a separate key for React Native.

Setup up for the new Huawei HMS key is similar to that of the existing Background Geolocation SDK, with a new <meta-data> element in your AndroidManifest.xml

Huawei HMS License Key Setup in AndroidManifest

After purchase, you will see a new product in your Customer Dashboard account at (see Customer Login). Simply generate a license key for your Android package name in the same manner as your existing Background Geolocation SDK.



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